Members Triples Results -Dove Team Champions

Week 14

Gulls 20 vs Buzzards 15;

Avocets 16 vs Eagles 19

Harriers 20 vs Falcons 13

Canaries 15 vs Doves 20

Congratulations to the Dove team (J. Cleveland, J Durkin, D Homans, B. Marcroft, J.Martin and A. Proctor) on winning the Members Triples League. Joint runners up two points behind the Doves with the same points and shot difference were Falcons (J Anderson, P Dunkley, L Ogg, R Slade, M Tweney and A.Williams) and Eagles (A Cleaver, P Davey, B Davies, K Deakin, S Kirby and B Proctor).

In the closest finish yet only 4 points separated 7 of the 8 teams at the finish after playing 14 fixtures each.