Teams for Sat. 20th July

Home game vs St.Dunstans – 2:30pm start Rink 1 Barry Morecroft (Lead) Annette Gensler Brenda Kendry Alan Beale (Skip) Rink 2 Felicity Smith (Lead) Paul Dunkley Jim Elliott Alan Cleaver (Skip) Rink 3 Margaret Dunkley (Lead) Maggie Edey Brian Haines John Martin (Skip) Rink 4 Jenny Durkin (Lead) Colin Edey Rob Winnet Tony Gensler (Skip) …

Teams for Tuesday 11th June

Home game – 6:30pm start – Greys Rink 1 Pam Fitzgerald (Lead) Mike Fitzgerald Paul Dunkley (Skip) Rink 2 Ray Waldron (Lead) Jim Elliott John Martin (Skip) Rink 3 Maurice Such (Lead) Annette Gensler Tony Gensler (Skip) Rink 4 Pat Morecombe (Lead) Margaret Dunkley Bridget Creswell (Skip)

Teams for Sunday 9th friendly

Hi Teams have been picked for the friendly game at home against Malvern Victoria this Sunday (9th June). All those who put their names down on the team sheet are playing! Play starts at 2:30pm

Teams – Sat 4th May

Mens Team – Hewell – Away Rink 1 Rob Winett (Lead) Colin Edey Will Heming Mike Emms (Skip) Rink 2 Dave Gardiner (Lead) Tony Gensler Rob Heming Graham Norledge (Skip) Rink 3 Barry Cooper (Lead) Doug Payne John Martin Alan Cleaver (Skip) Rink 4 Malcolm Tweeney (Lead) Tony Ruff Ken Hardacre Jordan Shelton (Skip) Rink …