Team vs Littleton B.C. Hampshire

Saturday 8th September Start 2.30 Home Please note dress code Grey L Ogg, J Barnes, K Hardacre P. Elliott, P Dunkley, J Riley M Barnes, B Haines, V Vernon Pat McGivern, J Elliott, T Gensler A Gensler, Patrick McGivern, R Ormsby  

Team vs Vines Park 2/9/18

Mens Team vs Vines Park Home Tweney, Haines, Gensler, Corbett Cooper, Elliott, Hardacre, Beale Winnett, Barnes, Roberts, Norledge Riley, Dunkley, W Heming, Shelton Cresswell, Edey, R Heming, Irons

Teams vs Pershore 1/9/18

Mens Team Concorde League Away Cooper, Fitzgerald, Ormsby, Norledge Payne, Dunkley, Roberts, Irons Edey, Barnes, Hardacre, Cleaver Gardner, Nisbett, Heming, Emms Riley, Elliott, Gensler, Beale Ladies Team Edey, Gensler, Kendry Jelfs, Cooper, Vernon McGivern, Dunkley, Winnett Elliott, Barnes, Cleaver

Team vs Bredon Men Concorde 19/8

D Gardner, G Roberts, T Gensler, G Norledge R Winnett, P Dunkley, R Ormsby, S Irons W Heming, K Hardacre, R Heming, M Emms J Riley, D Payne, J Martin, A Cleaver M Tweney, J Elliott, B Haines, G Corbett  

Team vs St Dunstans 18/8

A Gensler, J Elliott, B Kendry, V Vernon M Barnes, P Dunkley, J Barnes, B Cresswell J Riley, M Dunkley, D Cresswell, S Irons P Elliott, Pk McGivern, A Other, A Cleaver Pat McGivern, A Nisbett, S Cleaver, T Gensler

Team vs Rosedale B C 17/8

A Gensler, Pk McGivern, L Ogg, A Cleaver C Edey, M Barnes, S Cleaver, R Winnett J Riley, M Dunkley, T Gensler, N Appleby C Winnett, J Anderson, A Nisbett, A Beale Pat McGivern, T Robbins, J Barnes, P Dunkley

Teams for 11/8/18

Ladies Concorde away to Hewell 2.30pm McGivern, Dunkley, Cresswell Jelfs, Cooper, Roberts Ogg, Gensler, Vernon Glover, Edey, Cleaver Mens Concorde home to Hewell 2.30pm Griffin, Hardacre, Johnson, Norledge Tweeney, Riley, Gensler, Corbett Cooper, Haines, Beale, Irons W Heming, Edey, R Heming, Emms Winnett, Dunkley, Martin, Cleaver

National Men’s Pairs

Congratulations to Mike Emms and Dave Hill in reaching the National Finals later this month for the Men’s Senior Pairs. Having progressed through four previous rounds the Littleton Pair defeated St Dunstans in the Worcestershire Final 26-13.