Mens Pairs 2019

Quarter Final       Semi Final       Final      
Play by 30th July    Play by 13th August    25th/26th August   
W Heming / C Edey
C Allen / J Cleveland
J Shelton / K Hardacre
J Martin / G Norledge
T Potts / A Nisbett
Bye T Potts / A Nisbett
P Davey / A Cleaver P Davey / A Cleaver

1. The Match is a 21 ends competition, using 4 woods.
2. All fees must be paid before the match commences
3. The rink to be used is selected by drawing a number from the draw bag.
4. The players on top are the challengers and need to :
  a. Contact the opponents and arrange a mutual date and time for the match.