Indoor Competition Awards

Morning League : Winner Pershore Dave Hutchings    R/Up    Littleton   Janet South

Afternoon League Winner  Littleton   Sue Heming   R/Up     Littleton   Graham Norledge

Open Triples          Winner  John Martin     R/Up      Mike Emms

Members Triples    Winner   Jordan Shelton    R/Up       Chris Winnett

Members Triples K.O.          Winner    Jordan Shelton    R/Up        Chris Winnett

Friday Rinks           Winner   Mike Emms      R/Up      Sue Heming

Sunday Cup           Winner    Mike Emms      R/up         John Lynes

Mens Singles          Winner    John Martin       R/Up      Will Heming

Mixed Singles H’Cap      Winner     Jordan Shelton      R/Up    Maggie Edey

Mixed Pairs      Winner  Malcolm Tweney and Bridgett Cresswell      R/Up   Jeanette Barnes and Jordan Shelton